Believe it or not, Apple’s working on new 64-bit iPods


The music keeps on going.
The music keeps on going.

With Apple Music making waves, a dedicated music-playing device like the iPod suddenly seems more relevant than it’s been in years. Which is why it’s great to hear that Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a refreshed lineup of iPod touch, nano and shuffle media players on Tuesday, July 14.

The upgrades are said to involve new colors — including electric blue and fuchsia, along with classic black, pink and a slightly darker gray option. However, the iPod touch is also likely to receive a major boost, upgrading its current A5 processor to a new 64-bit one. Woop woop!

These tweaks are seemingly backed up by the model numbers, with the nano being upgraded from n31 to n31a, the shuffle from n12b to n12d, and the iPod touch from n78 to n102.

The future of the iPod has been the subject of discussion for quite a while now, with the once-massive product line playing a smaller and smaller part of Apple’s business. While simple color upgrades for the iPod nano and shuffle aren’t going to miraculously turn things around, a new and improved iPod touch could suggest that Apple’s not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet.