Kahney’s Korner: Big change coming to the iPad – but probably not yours


Big changes coming to the iPad - that is, if you buy a new one.
Big changes coming to the iPad - that is, if you buy a new one.
Photo: YouTube

The iPad was once the future of computing. When it was launched in 2010, we all thought we were not going to be using desktop machine and laptops anymore.

But sales have been flat and declining for the last couple of years. It came out of the gate like a rocket and everyone bought one. The thing is, nobody has been upgrading them.

Learn about what I think are the reasons and a big change coming to iPads with this week’s Kahney’s Korner.

The drop in sales could be because people keep their iPads for several years or they pass them on to a friend or family member. But maybe Apple is to blame for the falloff.

Have they been good guardians of the iPad? Have they developed the hardware and the software in ways that make it a complete must-have device to buy?

There is one important change coming to iPad. It will come with iOS 9 and split-screen multitasking. This is really going to change the way you use your iPad and will make it much better for working on.

There is, however, an interesting wrinkle. The split-screen multitasking will be limited to iPad Air 2 and the newest hardware. I suspect Apple is doing this to encourage people to upgrade their hardware more frequently.

Not only does split-screen multitasking make the iPad better to work on, it may also make your old iPad obsolete.