Facebook is making it easier to organize your News Feed

Facebook is making it easier to organize your News Feed


Get ready for the Big De-Cluttering.
Photo: Facebook

Facebook is making a pretty big update to its iOS app today — for the first time ever giving users a major say in how their News Feed is organized.

As anyone who has ever agonized over whether to unfriend that one person who keeps on posting incomplete statuses like “had a bad day :(” will know, up until now Facebook’s News Feed have been pretty much left up to the company’s algorithms.

That’s about to change. And about time, too!

As per the new update, iOS users can tweak their preferences to select the pages and friends they went to see at the top of their News Feed every time they log in. Another preference option lets you “unfollow” individuals, or else add back in previously “unfollowed” people in the event that you change your mind. Finally there’s an additional option to find new pages to follow, based on ones you’ve “liked” in the past.

While Facebook has been gradually tweaking its News Feed as far back as we remember — and will no doubt continue to do the same — this is set to be a notable improvement, which definitely represents a step in the right direction for de-cluttering our visits to the social network.

The Facebook app update will be rolling out later today, initially exclusive to iOS users.

Source: Facebook