Kids love iPads so much that being forced to watch TV is a punishment


Yep, kids love their iPads.
Yep, kids love their iPads.
Photo: Payless

You might hear people talking about declining interest in the iPad, but try telling that to kids — who have expressed so much love for Apple’s tablet that last year it was named the #1 brand among children aged 6-12.

Now a new piece of research suggests that little ones are so use to using tablets as their primary “screen” that it’s a punishment to have their iPad privileges revoked and be made to watch regular old, non-touchscreen TV instead.

“I remember as a kid when we used to get in trouble, we used to get sent to our room without any TV,” one father quoted in the study says. “But nowadays, when we punish our kids, we take away the iPad. The big punishment in our house is actually being forced to watch TV.”

A child, meanwhile, says that, “The iPad’s cool, TV isn’t that good, because you can’t control it. Basically, the TV sucks.”

According to the study, close to 6 in 10 children have their own tablet, and 57 percent prefer a non-TV device for watching video. Miner & Co surveyed 800 parents with kids aged 2-12.

But what happens when Apple finally gets around to re-inventing the TV as well? Maybe the really naughty kids will be forced to watch YouTube videos on a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Via: Telegraph