Fix your broken iPhone without breaking the bank with this easy-to-use DIY repair kit [Deals]


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Too many of us are familiar with the resonant thud as our iPhone takes a faceplant onto the ground, letting us know without even looking that it’s been busted. It’s a huge inconvenience and expensive to get fixed properly, not to mention the psychological ache at having something we rely on taken out of commission. All of those issues are soothed with iCracked’s iPhone 6 DIY Screen Repair Kit, available now for $114.99, a meaty 36% off of the normal price.

The kit comes with everything you need to repair basically any kind of break your phone is liable to suffer. It’s got fully-HD retina LCD display, a frontplate housing with pre-installed tempered glass screen protector. It also comes with all the tools you’ll need: screwdriver set, flattening supdger, replacement adhesives, suction cup, even a guitar pick for separating the glued parts (or playing a ‘broken phone blues’). Plus, the easy-to-read flowchart instructions and access to guide videos will make sure you can confidently pull the repair off without having to leave your house.

Breaking your phone sucks no matter what, but when the awful moment arrives you can take some relief in knowing you’ve got a solution at the ready. Plus, it ships quickly and free of charge, so there’s really no reason to wait. Hedge against the inevitable with iCracked’s repair kit for just $114.99.

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