Pulse-driven update will make snap Tinder judgments even snappier


Swiping with your thumbs in Tinder is so quaint.
Photo: Tinder

Tinder is going hands-free, but not how you’re thinking, sicko.

Developer T-3 has looked at dating app Tinder, which has people swiping left or right to choose potential connections, and thought, “That seems like a lot of work.”

Its solution: Let your involuntary physical functions swipe for you. You can see the idea in action in the video below.

“When you use traditional Tinder, you’re using your head to choose a match,” the video says. “With this version, you choose with your heart.”

The upcoming, thumbs-optional version of Tinder will use the heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch to make choices based on whether your pulse slows or quickens at first sight of another user of the app. So apparently, you won’t even need to bother with that business of reading the other person’s bio or browsing multiple photos — the app will just go ahead and decide based on your body’s immediate reaction.

Will this make Tinder better or worse? If you have an irregular heartbeat, will the app take that to mean that you “like” everyone you see? And what if you react to a cute puppy in the picture instead of the person you’re supposed to be judging?

This all seems like a lot of variables to sort out, and since Tinder is already based on making very quick, snap judgements of other people with a minimum of information, it’s hard to know if anyone will really notice a difference in their experience.

No word yet on when this new version is coming out, but we’ll be sure to try it when it does.