This app lets you reap all the benefits of journaling without the hassle [Deal]



How many of us have said “I really should start a journal,” only to find that even the simple task of sitting and writing for a few minutes is too hard to fit into our daily schedule? With Penzu, there aren’t any more excuses — it turns anything with a screen into a synced, secure journal. And right now a Penzu Pro Digital Journal Lifetime Subscription is just $39, a full 58% off the normal price.

With a lifetime of access to Penzu’s cloud, everything you write or store (you can insert photos, too), no matter where or when, is synced between every device you use. If you’re concerned about anyone else reading your personal thoughts, Penzu’s password protection, PIN access, and optional encryption are a whole lot more secure than a tiny lock and key. You can even add entries remotely via email, and all your journals are searchable and tag-able, making it a great way to organize and recover your thoughts as well as just getting them down.

Journaling is great for memory, organizing ideas, staying productive and just keeping in touch with ourselves. There’s no reason our day-to-day lives should keep us from all that, and because of the fast pace of our modern lives it makes sense to bring the act of journaling out of the drawer and onto our screens. There are just a few hours left to join the more than 1,000,000 people who use Penzu for just $39, so act quick!


Bonus deal: While you’re streamlining your journaling habit, cut down on the racks of AA batteries taking up space in your drawers with this SunLabz bundle. It includes 8 rechargeable AA batteries and a sleek charger with LCD status indicator for just $29.99.