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Master Amazon’s web services from the ground up with this bundle for 89% off [Deals]


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Finally, a boot camp where you’re encouraged to get your head in the clouds…er, the cloud. If you’re trying to establish any kind of cloud-based service, for yourself or a client, Amazon’s Web Services takes away the massive problem of actually having to build a server farm. That simplifies the work of setting up any service or application, and can help save (or make) you a lot more money, but only if you know how to use it. To help get your rear in gear, Udemy is offering the Amazon Web Services Engineer Bootcamp Bundle, a set of four critical courses. Clocking in at 24 hours’ worth of instruction on how to tap the potential of Amazon’s cloud, right now it’s 89% off the usual price — but like a vapor, this deal will disappear before long.

For the AWS Certified Solutions Architect course, you don’t even need a background in programming. It offers a valuable overview of the AWS platform and its basic concepts, and can prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate exam. That’s a great feather in any IT certification cap, plus it stays up-to-date as Amazon’s platform evolves. You can also start from the beginner level with AWS Certified Developer course, priming you for the Certified Solutions Architect exam. It takes on AWS from a developer’s perspective, showing you how the code works, how to scale up your applications and build them to last.

The Cloud Computing With AWS course will show you how to develop infrastructure and use the platform to meet any of your various cloud computing needs. You’ll be setting up load balancers, mastering S3 for data storage and retrieval, learning NoSQL database and DynamoDB, how to use EC2 — and by the time you’re done you’ll know what all those terms mean! The second course in AWS computing will guide you even deeper down the rabbit hole, with or 29 in-depth lectures aimed at the SysAdmins among us. This course is targeted to particular applications and functions like setting up and keeping track of storage services, or configuring a load balancer.

By the end of these courses, you’ll be ready to set up an entire cloud-hosted site — not bad for $29.00! But you have to act fast, the deal is only on offer for the next two days. So pull you’re head out of the clouds and start learning how the cloud works. Soon you’ll be daydreaming about the higher salary you can fetch with your newly minted skills.