New rumor exposes Apple’s dual-lens camera plans


I'd pay extra for this.
Why make do with one lens when you could have two?
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple has been secretly experimenting with dual-camera iPhone lenses for three years, according to Altek’s Xiaru Wen, the CEO of the company responsible for building similar camera modules for HTC and Huawei.

The report claims that Apple has been held up by two challenges until now: technical problems resulting in blurred images, and an inability to find a manufacturer able to build enough of the components in the allotted time.

But things may be about to change.

Apple has reportedly solved the blurred image problem by using software developed by the Israeli company LinX Imaging, which Apple acquired back in April for a reported $20 million. Last June, LinX unveiled its first multi-aperture cameras designed for mobile devices.

The report also suggests that Apple has found a manufacturer capable of fulfilling all of its dual-camera orders. The company is reportedly Largan, which is said to have secured 80 percent of all iPhone 6s and 6s Plus camera lens orders. At a recent press conference, Largan CEO Linen Ping claimed his company is working on doubling its production capacity, which Taiwan’s Business Weekly thinks is related to Apple’s interest in dual-camera lenses.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll get dual lenses for this September’s iPhone 6s, today’s report does suggest Apple may make the leap as early as next year’s iPhone 7. In photography terms, think of this as a developing story. (Sorry about that!)

Via: GforGames 

  • Maybe I’m missing something, but dual lens seems like a gimmick to me, and Apple traditionally steers clear of those.

    • pjs_boston

      You’re missing something. Dual lens cameras combine the light from twin cameras into a single image. Images from the twin sensors can be combined in software to give a number benefits:

      1) Higher resolution photos with less sensor noise.

      2) The dual lens arrangement provides better image quality without the need for large numerical apertures. This allows for thinner camera assemblies.

      3) True HDR photography with faster exposure in bright light situations. One sensor can be set to capture detail in shadows while the other can be set to simultaneously capture detail in the brightly lit areas of the image.

      4) Vastly improved low light performance.

  • Solerimus Zenovka

    How to put an Ollo Clip on this? Double Ollo :-)

  • Chris Jones

    Didn’t they just buy an Israeli company specializing in super small, super accurate sensors or something?

  • Matt

    Am I wrong in thinking this dual lens thing is one camera for the front and back of the phone, therefore if it’s a 12mp back camera, that same camera works for the back with a DUAL lense?

  • prsnr24601

    I don’t know much about cameras but the thing that I dislike most on my iPhone 5S is the lack of any kind of optical zoom. Would it be possible for one of the two lenses to focus on longer distances and have the software deal with getting a good picture at distance?

    • Robert Stukenbroeker

      unlikely to get something that great on such a thin device.

    • Optical zoom is normally achieved by physically moving elements of the lenses to change the focal distance. In a camera as tiny and thin as the iPhone, putting teeny electric motors to move the lenses accurately would be a gargantuan task. The iPhone needs to be robust and durable to survive bouncing around in pockets, bags and suitcases, so it becomes extremely impractical to even think about putting delicate, hyper-accurate moving parts inside the small available space in a phone camera.

      • prsnr24601

        Len, I’m not proposing a true optical zoom. What I’m wondering is, since it seems to be realistic to put two lenses on a phone, could one of the lenses have a different focal length which is optimized for longer distances. Maybe the user could just simply select which lense gets used due to his knowledge of how far away the target it.

  • But whats a dual cam used for ?!