Pharrell Williams is on Team Taylor in battle vs Apple Music


Pharrell's got Taylor Swift's back
Pharrell's got Taylor Swift's back
Photo: The Voice

Pharrell Williams has been Apple’s BFF lately, but when it comes to the battle between Apple and Taylor Swift, Skateboard P is on Team Taytay.

The eleven-time Grammy award winning artist spoke at the Cannes Lions Festival today (where Apple just scooped up a big award), and said that what Taylor did was a great thing for music.

“Taylor Swift has done a great thing for music and for artistry,” Pharrell told the Drum. “And so did Apple. It’s not about who’s right, it’s about what is right. It’s a very good day for music.”

Williams was one of the first musicians to sign up for Apple Music, and is releasing an exclusive new track called ‘Freedom‘ when the service launches. Despite taking Swift’s side, Pharrell had high praise for Apple as well.

“Gone are the days of corporations simply accounting but you have to be accountable. Apple is leading the charge and other companies, including the labels, are going to have to face that standard,” said Pharrell. “You’ve got be on the right side of right.”

Part of Apple’s plan with the launch of Apple Music is to take on radio with its new Beats Radio 1 station, led by DJ Zane Lowe. If Beats Radio 1 lives up to the dream, it could be a great a music discovery tool for listeners than traditional radio, but Pharrell says Apple Music and Spotify won’t be killing radio anytime soon.

“Radio is curated by what people like at the time; it’s moved by the masses,” Pharrell explain. “People are always going to want to know what is popular, what’s going on and what most people are listening to. And then when they want to listen to their own bespoke playlists they’re streaming. There will be an interesting line between the two that connects it and sometimes separates it.”

  • Code Monkey

    Seriously CoM?! Not news at all, and now it comes out that Swift is nothing but a Hypocrite. Forcing Photogs to provide her with their photos of her FREE for her to use for her own marketing purposes.

    Pharrell is such a stand-up guy, fined $7 million for plagiarizing Marvin Gaye’s music.

    Why don’t you guys stick to reporting real technology issues instead of this tripe.

    • Martin Dobson

      Yipes buddy, a simple solution for your predicament is that if you don’t want to read about TSwifty and Pharrell… don’t click on the link. There ARE others that are actually interested in how Apple Music rolls out more than actual technology issues such as Gigabits and Clock speeds of processors

      • Code Monkey

        This wasn’t really about Apple Music but more about Swift and Pharrell. If they were actually reporting on Features of Apple Music, etc. I’d have no gripe, but this is the second story about the same rehashed BS. I’m not alone in my stance either, take a look at the FB thread on this story.

  • Tom_P

    Judging only from what was posted in the article, how do you interpret that he’s on team Taylor is beyond me. He’s quite in the middle.

  • Aannddyy

    Sounds like everyone is on the same team now. I guess that doesn’t get clicks

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Unfortunately, the masses are musically ignorant, which is why rap, and superficial pop artists that use AutoTune are becoming popular instead of putting musicianship and good songwriting first. now, they put superficial hooks, phony artificial singing/computerized music a higher priority. And you wonder why people don’t want to “buy” music anymore.