Howard Hughes' former home is retro sci-fi, controlled by an iPad | Cult of Mac

Howard Hughes’ former home is retro sci-fi, controlled by an iPad


Howard Hughes House
It's straight out of a David Lynch movie.
Photo: Ben Bacal (via YouTube)

If you have an extra $11.5 million sitting around, and you’ve always wanted to live somewhere that looks like a great place to plan a heist while your robot butler serves you drinks, we may have found your new home.

The house at 535 Haynes Avenue in Beverly Hills once belonged to tycoon, filmmaker, and real-life Iron Man, Howard Hughes. And if its classic charm and amazing views weren’t enough for you, it’s also entirely automated and runs from an iPad.

You can see more of the swanky house in the video below.

We don’t know which automation program Howard Hughes’ old pad uses, but several options exist. Crestron lets its users control their thermostat, shades, security system, and music from their Apple device, and it even has an Apple Watch app if they want to be extra futuristic.

You can expect to see a lot more homes — and not just the incredibly expensive, “piece of Hollywood history” ones — taking advantage of cool features Apple launches HomeKit, its own automation platform, later this year. This will allow users to control devices like door locks, garage doors, thermostats, and even outlets by using Siri voice commands and native apps.

So maybe your house doesn’t look like the sort of place where Peter Graves might get instructions and plan jobs at the beginning of a Mission: Impossible episode, but the automation options coming our way could help it feel like one.