This talented Apple fan turned her portfolio into a beautiful paper MacBook


Login to Eva Zar's portfolio.
Photo: Eva Zar


Most creative and designer types travel around with two things perpetually tucked under their arms: their portfolios, and their MacBooks. Vienna-based fashion designer Eva Zar decided to consolidate the two: her portfolio is a MacBook, at least in appearance.


Basing her design not just on the exterior of a Mac, but it’s software as well, Zar teamed up with art director Maximilian Mauracher to create a 70-page portfolio that’s sort of like flipping through an analog Mac laptop.


The two covers, of course, are designed to look just like the clamshell of an aluminum MacBook. The front page, meanwhile, simulates the OS X login screen, and features a picture of Zar, as well as her name and a (mock) password box.


From there, flipping through pages is like flipping through apps. At the bottom of every page is an analog Dock, and each page is also themed after a different app, highlighting a specific skill: for example, Safari, or Preview, or Photoshop. An OS X style menu bar also tops each page, complete with navigation and window close buttons.


I like it. It’s a cute, playful way for Zar to both highlight her work and show her undying love for the cult of Mac. Maybe we should start doing our resumés this way.

Source: Cuter on the Internet

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11 responses to “This talented Apple fan turned her portfolio into a beautiful paper MacBook”

  1. Kot Behemot says:

    Em… OK…

  2. Simon says:

    I once designed my CV like the iOS Settings app…

  3. Jim says:

    This is one EXPENSIVE resume, wow… Printing like that on paper like that…. Dang, she better get the job.

  4. Alan Aurmont says:

    Steve Jobs would’ve approved.

  5. Roberta Nicholson says:

    Quick tip for those of you who are learning their new Mac: don’t freak out if it starts going slow sometimes. It’s 100% annoying 100% of the time, but most of them can be easily fixed unlike Windows. I switched because of the functionality that Apple offers. There’s free software available on TINYURL.COM/FIXEDMACBOOK that will make it run like new again and maintain it. Just stay on top of that clutter!

  6. daveydave says:

    Was she not good enough to design something original herself?

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