iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture hack lets you get your game on while working


You can now DOOM while you work
You can now DOOM while you work
Photo: Adam Bell

Apple is adding all kind of new features for iPad users in iOS 9 that will boost your productivity on a tablet, but developers are already finding ways to make those new tools a lot more fun by injecting some gaming into them.

iOS developer Adam Bell revealed that it’s possible to hack iOS 9’s Picture-in-Picture mode to run your favorite game, instead of just supporting video playback and FaceTime video calls. Bell’s hack doesn’t require jailbreaking, and instead uses a public API to push DOOM into the smaller window so you game while you work.

Check it out:

According to Bell, the Picture-in-Picture hack is accomplished by grabbing the player layer & sticking the games CALayer over the top (or as sub layer). You can even maintain the audio playback of the game too with a proper audio session.

When Apple announced the Picture-in-Picture feature at WWDC they didn’t mention if third-party apps would eventually get the ability to shrink down into the tiny screen too. Bell’s workaround makes the feature immensely more useful, but hopefully Apple doesn’t close the loophole before the public release this fall.

Source: Twitter