Explosions! Intrigue! Casual sex! First SPECTRE TV spot goes full Bond


That's quite a suit, Mr. Bond.
That's quite a suit, Mr. Bond.
Photo: Sony PIctures

“You’ve got a secret,” says Naomie Harris’ Miss Moneypenny in the new TV spot for upcoming Bond film SPECTRE. “Something you can’t tell anyone because you don’t trust anyone.”

Daniel Craig is back in a new Bond film, this one named after the fictional spy syndicate that figured heavily in the Ian Fleming novels and debuted in the film Dr. No in 1962.

Here’s a full trailer full of the things you’ve come to associate with James Bond, including explosions, intrigue, and plenty of women. Bond is such a slut, right?

The trailer is a slow burn at first, with Moneypenny’s proclamation, Jesper Christenson’s Mr. White telling Bond he is like a kite in a hurricane, and a shadowy figure welcoming James to a secret meeting.

Quickly, though, the trailer brings on the Bond, with punches, car explosions, snow and ski chases, a quick shot of Ben Whishaw as Q, then more explodey bits.

Of course, Bond always gets the girl, even when he’s just met her and she doesn’t know his name. Which is great, because he gets to say the famous line.

“Bond. James Bond.”

Sony Pictures’ SPECTRE is set to explode onto the big screen in October of this year.