WWDC’s long-winded keynote makes a pretty snappy song


He's got a point, really.
He's got a point, really.
Photo: Jonathan Mann

Jonathan Mann is the Song a Day creator who’s (so far) written and recorded 2,350 songs (including this one) for his YouTube channel. He’s an Apple fan, of course, and many of his songs have to do with the Cupertino-based tech company.

Mann set up his Macbook and guitar across the street from the Moscone Center and recorded this latest tune live on the sidewalk, and it’s all about the Monday’s developer keynote.

“Not one but (count ’em) two,” he sings, “women up on the stage. It’s a start, and it’s about time ’cause these white dad jokes they’re starting to fade.”

Check it out.

Mann really does cover the whole keynote, with riffs on Federighi’s meditation revelation (5 a.m. is too early!), the poutine joke, that Swift 2 may be open source but didn’t Facetime already try (and fail at) that?

Mann isn’t super excited about Apple Music, and he — along with the rest of us — didn’t really get what Drake was trying to say.

The chorus is great, of course, with complaints about the weirdness of the naming of OS X El Capitan, how many apps got “Sherlocked” or replaced by Apple’s own versions, and how Siri knows when you get inside your car.

The bit at the end is really apropos, of course. “Cool stuff on watchOS, and I don’t wanna be mean,” sings Mann, “but it went on a little too long and we all got burned out.”

Truly. You can’t just be handing out those “one more thing” moments for everything.