Get ready to memorize a new 6 digit PIN when iOS 9 comes out


iOS 9 is upping security.
Six digit passcodes are coming to iOS 9
Photo: Apple

Apple is ramping up security on iOS 9 and it’s going to take a little extra memorization on your part.

Anyone with an iPhone or iPad that has Touch ID will be required to update to a new 6 digit PIN when the new operating system is released this fall, according to Apple’s website.



You can switch back to a 4 digit PIN during the setup, but 6 digits will be harder for your friends to guess while peeking over your shoulder.

In addition to the more secure 6 digit PINs, Apple is making it harder to gain unauthorized access to Apple ID accounts with the addition of two factor authentication. Now when you sign in from a new browser, or add your Apple ID to a device, you’ll be sent a verification code to your other Apple devices, or to your phone. Just enter the code and you’ll be ready to go, but attackers will have be kept locked out.

Apple also increased security on Apple Watch with the first beta of watchOS 2 by adding Activation Lock so it’s not easy to wipe if stolen. For a full rundown of the cool new stuff coming to iOS 9, check out our full rundown.



  • Robert Stukenbroeker

    6 digits is not required. You can still switch to 4.

    • Aaron

      Came here to say this. It looks like you can’t change it at first glance but once you look at it, you are able to change to 4.

      Edit: I have iOS9 installed on my iPhone 6 Plus.

    • Victor Mendoza

      You are correct! The 4 digit option is still available. Not sure why they said we will ALL be required to have 6 digit passwords. iFail Cult of Mac

  • Mine is already six digits. It shouldn’t be a requirement though its good they kept it an option.

  • Whocares

    I can’t think of a single reason why people with Touch ID iphone are still using stupid numbered ID. I switched to long ID with digits and letters since 5S. Take advantage of Touch ID, people!

    • quinn_drummer

      I switched to a long ID when I got my 5S and TouchID and it has never bothered me, until 2 weeks ago.

      I’ve just started running … well jogging slowly at least … and got an armband case for my phone. If I want to access the phone, it’s really difficult to type in a long password when it’s on your arm, I have to take the band off, slowly and carefully type my 11 characters through the flimpsy plastic cover and then put it back on.

      Thankfully I only really need to do this once at the moment, to unlock the phone to access RunKeeper, but it is very annoying and I did consider switching back to 4 digits to make it easier to access the phone on my arm.

      Hopefully, once native apps come to the watch, RunKeeper will allow more functionality so I don’t need to access the phone app, but for the time being I am having to suffer the (self imposed) inconvenience of having a long password on these occasions.

  • What if you have already instituted a 19 digit pin?

  • robogobo

    Actually, if you use a text/number/character based ID you can either go much, much more secure, or like me, a one, two or three digit id that makes it much faster and easier. 9-3 OK is super fast and easy, and since nobody knows how many digits are in my passcode, they’ll start off with guessing four and my security by obscurity will stump them…maybe.

  • l3it3r

    in iOS 9, you are given five options:

    1. No Passcode

    2. 4 digit pin

    3. 6 digit pin

    4. custom alphanumeric passcode

    5. custom numeric passcode