This year’s WWDC jackets contain a hidden Swift joke


Apple's WWDC jackets provide clues to the event.

Attendees of WWDC 2015 have started picking up the jackets and backpacks that Apple gives out to developers ahead of the event. This year’s black jackets look quite similar to ones distributed last year, except Apple made an interesting change to the font.

With San Francisco expected to replace Helvetica Neue as the default typeface of iOS and OS X, Apple has hinted at the change by using the font on the front of the jackets. The company also added a little Swift joke on the inside of the garments.

Take a look at the size tag:


Apple debuted Swift 1.0 last year at WWDC after secretly developing the programming language for years. This year could see the release of Swift 2.0 with even more changes. Also expected to appear are iOS 9.0, OS X 10.11 and the Apple Watch app SDK.

Source: Riz/Twitter