3.1 billion deer died for Dominations to slay mobile gaming


That's a lot of dead deer. And soldiers, I guess.
That's a lot of dead deer. And soldiers, I guess.
Photo: Big Huge Games

Dominations is one my new favorite games on my iPhone; it combines the gameplay of Clash of Clans (build a city, attack other cities) along with a more historic approach. You’ll take your city from Bronze Age to the Space Age, upgrading your warriors and defenses along the way.

Developer Big Huge Games has scored a big huge hit with this one, garnering 7.2 million downloads across the App Store and Google Play in the space of 60 days.

Players have racked up some serious activity in game, too, as you can see in the infographic below, prepared by Big Huge and publisher Nexon Games.

Click to make bigger.
Click to make bigger.

Players have trained over 1.6 billion soldiers to fight in 50 million battles, engaging in 166,000 multiplayer alliances to do so. 70.6 million troops have been donated to other players to take down enemy alliances, and it seems like most of the hot action happens on Wednesdays.

Oh, and the deer have to die because that’s how you get food to feed your citizens, and train more soldiers. Sorry, vegetarians. You can always plant more fruit trees and farms!

Dominations is a free-to-play game that gives you a lot of gameplay before things start to slow down and encourage you to start buying crowns and gold via in-app purchases. I check in several times a day – no task has taken longer than, say, eight hours or so.

Big Huge Games is headed up by the guy who was lead designer on seminal strategy title, Civilization II, Brian Reynolds, so you know it’s got some good pedigree.

You can grab Dominations in the App Store or over at Google Play for free and jump into the action yourself.