What if Steve Jobs had introduced the Apple Watch?


Steve Jobs would have sold the hell out of the Apple Watch.

According to Jony Ive, the Apple Watch project was first touted shortly after Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. But what would it have been like had Apple’s legendary co-founder lived to see the arrival of Apple’s debut into the smartwatch market?

To give us an idea, one dedicated Apple fan cut up and reassembled old “Stevenote” speeches to piece together an Apple Watch ad narrated by Jobs himself. Considering that it relies on old sound bytes about unrelated products, it actually works.

Check it out below. Bonus points if you can work out where each of the quotes originally came from!

This isn’t the first time Apple fans have imagined how Jobs’ involvement with the Apple Watch might have played out. In a great essay last year, one fan scripted out how he thought an Apple Watch Stevenote would have gone.

Yes, it’s idle speculation, but it’s understandable why Apple-watchers would still be interested in how Jobs would’ve sold Apple’s first major new product category since the iPad. If this video is anything to judge by, the answer is “really, really well.”

Now where did I put my credit card?