This robot leaps hurdles like a Terminator horse


Sarah Connor won't get away so easily next time.
Photo: MIT

Okay, so it’s not really Apple news, but — honestly — who could complain about a robot cheetah on a Friday afternoon?

Given Google’s disappointing lack of killer robots at its oddly boring I/O keynote yesterday, MIT has fortunately stepped up to the plate by unleashing a new video of its metallic quadruped autonomously leaping hurdles like some kind of horse Terminator.

Check out the video below. Then start running.

The DARPA-funded robot leaps by using a laser distance sensor to perceive its environment, while an algorithm establishes the necessary “leg thrusts” to leap the obstacle in front of it.

Now someone just needs to combine this with the drone which eats bio-matter to power itself, and we’ll be officially terrified.

Via: Engadget