Sorry, Apple Watch owners, there’s no Snapchat app on the way


Snapchat aims to reduce data usage and give you easier access to emoji.
Snapchat isn't coming to Apple Watch.
Photo: Snapchat

Developers have been eager to capitalize on the Apple Watch hype, with thousands of apps already available, but according to Snapchat’s CEO, it’s going to be a long time until you’re able to check your snaps on Jony Ive’s timepiece.

During his appearance yesterday at Code Conference, Evan Spiegel addressed the Apple Watch and his company’s lack of presence on the platform. Asked whether a Snapchat app for Apple Watch would be released in the near future, Spiegel revealed he’s not too keen on the device’s tiny screen.

“We ended up waiting to do Snapchat on the watch,” Spiegel said. “Why would you look at a small picture [on your wrist] when you can look at a large one on your phone?”

Instead of focusing on a smartwatch app, Spiegel revealed the company is focusing on the camera, photo-editing tools, messaging and content. He also revealed that the days of having to hold your finger to the screen to watch video may soon come to an end.

So if Apple Watch isn’t the next future platform for Snapchat, what will be? Walt Mossberg asked Spiegel if Snapchat will only be on the phone, but he wouldn’t confirm either way. Whatever the next platform is, Spiegel says, “it needs to be a unique experience.”

Via: TechCrunch