Russian woman's risky selfie goes exactly as you'd expect

Russian woman’s risky selfie goes exactly as you’d expect


Grand Theft Auto V remains the only safe way to take a selfie with a gun.
Grand Theft Auto V remains the only safe way to take a selfie with a gun.
Photo: SlushyMustange/Imgur (via Reddit)

A young Russian woman who posed for a selfie with a 9 mm handgun accidentally shot herself in the head.

Police report that the 21-year-old found the weapon in the building she worked in after a security guard left it behind while he went on vacation.

The victim is alive but in “serious condition” after Thursday’s accident, according to a rep for Sklifosovsky Hospital in Moscow, where the young woman is receiving treatment. “While taking a selfie with one hand, she accidentally pressed the gun’s trigger, shooting herself in the temple at close range,” Hindustan Times reports. Police are investigating how the woman obtained the gun, which reportedly sat unattended for two weeks.

Typically, the biggest risk while taking a selfie is either making a stupid duck face or annoying the people around you, but this incident joins a smattering of unfortunate events in which people have actually died in the pursuit of epicness.

Oscar Otero Aguilar also shot himself in the head during a selfie incident last August — possibly after drinking — and he died of his injuries. Teenagers all over the world are falling off of things. It’s like a selfies arms race out there, and the casualties are mounting.

The moral is this: Awesome pictures are probably not worth your life. But also, if you survive your selfie incident, be sure to use this handy Tumblr tag for your next one.