These are the garden gnomes of the starship Enterprise


Even in a red shirt, a garden gnome is not safe.
In a red shirt, not even a garden gnome is safe.
Photo: Think Geek

Your garden may be seasonal, but part of it can live long and prosper with a set of Star Trek garden gnomes from the warped minds at Think Geek.

There are four, including a dead yeoman in a red shirt, lying on a slab that says, “Join Starfleet they said. It’d be fun they said.”

Imagine if Mr. Scott in the transporter room mixed up the energy patterns of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock with elves and you would have the Think Geek creations.

Star Trek fan can put this famous scene between Gorn and Kirk in their garden.
Star Trek fans can put this famous scene between Gorn and Kirk in their garden.
Photo: Think Geek

Creating Stark Trek garden gnomes has a logical explanation, according to Think Geek.

“Did you realize there’s a whole subculture of Star Trek horticulturalists?” according to the sales pitch on the company website. “There are day lilies names after Trek, a handful of hostas and even a Star Trek begonia.”

Think Geek loves to have fun with the standard garden gnome and other lawn ornaments. It has created rampaging Kaiju garden gnomes, a set of zombie gnomes, a Star Wars lawn ornament and an Outbreak of the Undead statue rising out of the ground.

The company has been around since 1999, creating clever T-shirts and unusual gifts that
stimulate our fans’ imaginations and fuel their geek core.”

The set of four Star Trek gnomes, one of which is a scene with the Gorn standing over a fallen Captain Kirk, are made of a durable cast polyresin, stand about 5 inches tall and run $24.99 per statue.

Mr. Spock flashes his famous Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” hand gesture. A confident-looking Kirk, sporting a ginger beard, is armed with a phaser and wears a classic mustard-colored Federation captain’s shirt.

One commenter on the Think Geek page was disappointed that Lt. Uhura got no love; another said the Starfleet figurines would only encourage a rash of garden gnome thefts.

Collect all four.
Collect all four.
Photo: Think Geek