The iPod’s godfather is still waiting for his Apple Watch


From the sound of things, Nest CEO Tony Fadell learned quite a bit from working with Steve Jobs.
Photo: Nest

Before creating the home automation company Nest, Tony Fadell cut his teeth at Apple by creating revolutionary products like the iPod. You’d think being one of the key guys behind Apple’s resurgence in the early aughts means you get hooked up with Apple products for life, but according to Fadell, he had to pre-order the Apple Watch like the rest of us peasants. And he’s still waiting for it to arrive.

In an interview with the Financial Times discussing Fadell’s new task of reinventing Google Glass, Fadell revealed that he’s anxious to try Apple’s digital timepiece.

“The jury’s out for me,” Fadell said, noting his order is pending shipment. “I’m going to see how it fits into my life and give it a try.”

Fadell left Apple in 2008 after serving as senior vice president of the iPod division since 2006. He also created the original iSight camera, as well as the concept and design of the original iPod. Fadell is also a huge watch fan and recently hinted that he might be working on a new Android smartwatch concept for parent company Google, which acquired Nest Labs last year for $3.2 billion.

Tony didn’t say which Apple Watch he preordered but if anyone can inject some of the Apple genome into Android Wear’s ugly smartwatches, he’s the man. Hopefully he’s getting a bit more sleep than we did waiting for ours.