Kahney’s Korner: Cultmaster lays down an Apple Watch rant


In the first Kahney's Korner, our fearless leader rants and raves about the Apple Watch.
In the first Kahney's Korner, our fearless leader rants and raves about the Apple Watch.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

So here we go. A new video series featuring, of all people, our Editor and Publisher Leander Kahney.

You’ve heard him on the CultCast. You’ve read his books.

You’ve been educated, entertained and occasionally enraged at his stories here on Cult of Mac. And now he is going to come into your lives in talking pictures with his new video series, Kahney’s Korner. The format is pretty loose, but he is never at a loss for words, so this should be pretty fun.

In this very first edition, Leander gives you the rundown on what he uses his Apple Watch for and the one big downfall of his early adopter status.

  • Apple sucks because they don’t indestructible stuff.

    • Dirk Lenz

      For the sake of thinness they axed that airbag fairly early in the development process.

    • No, not at all, but I was surprised at how easily it broke. It was’t dropped from a great height.

      • Zehartio

        So your whining that they are going to send u a new watch that you broke, hmmm

  • tedcranmore

    Did you buy the AppleCare+ for a cheap $65 (2 accidentally replacements for a fee in the first 2 years)? Or, are saying because you are in media they need to replace the watch you dropped for free?

    • Kel Dommage

      Of course not – you heard his tone. There’s a wonderful sense of entitlement in there…Apple needs to ship an Apple Genius with each watch, that way if you try to drop it on concrete someone’s there to catch it for you..

      • The tone was supposed to be sarcastic, not entitled. I guess I do sound like a whiny b***h.

      • Kel Dommage

        Sarcasm is overrated. It’s the punk-*ss version of the “…I was only kidding”-excuse.

    • Not sure what you are getting at here. I purchased both the watch and AppleCare+, and no, I absolutely do not expect to get stuff repaired for free.

      • tedcranmore

        It just wasn’t clear on the video of you had or what exactly was the problem with the apple service. It could have been you wanted it free even though you didn’t buy AppleCare….almost sounded that way.

        Given it is not that, is the issue that they can’t replace quickly because of supply issues? Just a little confused on what has been the issue getting your service. Surely with AppleCare there isn’t a question about honoring the replacement/fix?

        A few more words around the issue for clarity would help. Thanks!

      • dbg

        No need to explain yourself Leander

      • Anthony

        If you purchased AppleCare+, than any supply issues are really on them at this point. You’d think they would have the foresight to set aside a number of devices specifically for replacements and honouring warranties….

  • Thanks for the vid! Given that most of us have been exposed to the videos of the apple watch going through scratch testing / water diving we’ve not heard much about dropping problems (at least I haven’t). This is a great cautionary tale for sure.

  • Dominick Lopes

    Leander is the man!!! Can’t wait to watch more of these videos. I enjoy the podcasts and also enjoyed both of your books. Keep up the good work!

  • Charismatron

    Gets his supposedly very useful Apple Watch busted and Apple’s replacing it.
    How on God’s green Earth is this a rant?
    Wah, wah, wah: you sound like a child with his broken toy.

    . . . just one more thing: Click-fucking-bait.

  • Anthony

    He highlights one of my core issues with Apple.

    I absolutely love the products, and find them invaluable. However, dealing with anyone that actually works at Apple is an absolute nightmare. Usually the response on almost any issue is “buy a new device” and a list of all the reasons why they can’t help you. Third party retailers also hate dealing with Apple products because their margin on them is so slim that they really only make money due to the sales volume.