The Apple Watch is already improving the lives of deaf users


The Apple Watch is already improving lives. Photo: CNN Money
The Apple Watch is already improving lives. Photo: CNN Money

For many years Apple has been a great company when it comes to pushing the accessibility of its products for disabled users — from features like VoiceOver, which allow for descriptions of apps to be read aloud for the blind, to FaceTime which represented a breakthrough in allowing deaf people to communicate with one another using a mobile device.

In a new video for CNN Money, the latest step of that evolution is shown as a deaf Apple Watch owner demonstrates how he can use the device to control his hearing aid.

Using an app on his Apple Watch, the individual is able to easily switch between modes — be it having the hearing aid function as a Bluetooth music receiver, or else listen to sounds (such as traffic) around him. He can also fine-tune the device depending on different conditions, such as listening to someone in a restaurant versus trying to carry out a conversation outside, while blocking out extraneous noise.

In all, it’s a pretty powerful reminder of just how much technology like the Apple Watch can improve lives. And we don’t just mean letting you send you heartbeat to another person.

Via: Patently Apple

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    How do you sign “my apple watch battery is dead yet AGAIN”?

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      If you’re Apple Watch is so essential to your day to day life, I’d say that you’re irresponsible to let that happen.

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        The sheep says “bahhhhhh”

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      But what do you do with your Apple Watch? Play Asphalt? GTA? To use up that much battery that you charge it twice a day, that’s something

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        The sheep says “bahhhhhh”..

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        Yeah, Every one is saying there getting two days out of one charge. With this Watch.

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        That doesn’t take away from it being valid.