Apple Watch is a miniature replica of the original iPhone


Like father, like son. Photo: fourseven66/reddit

With its small screen and 0.46-inch thickness, the original iPhone from 2007 looks like an antique these days. Put it next to the Apple Watch, however, and it’s remarkable how similar the two devices look in terms of their design language.

At 0.45 inches, the Apple Watch is ever so slightly thinner, but its rounded edges, color and overall aesthetic certainly appear reminiscent of the first-generation Apple handset, don’t you think?

That’s not a knock on the Apple Watch. Yes, the iPhone has gotten thinner and even more gorgeous in the years since Steve Jobs unveiled it, but Cupertino’s wearable remains a beautiful piece of industrial design by Jony Ive, who stewarded the Apple Watch to completion more than anyone else at Apple.

It is exciting, however, when you think about what this means for future Apple Watches. Less than a decade after the iPhone was unveiled, the iPhone 6 is a super-slim 6.9mm thickness (0.27 inches).

What will the Apple Watch of 2023 look like? We’ll have to wait and see, but the Twittersphere is certainly excited about the journey to get there.

Step one on a new journey. Photo: Luke Wroblewski
Step one on a new journey. Photo: Luke Wroblewski

Via: Reddit