Cracking down on police brutality? There's an app for that

Cracking down on police brutality? There’s an app for that


Mobile Justice CA app will help protect your rights. Photo: ACLU 

Whichever side of the political equation you fall, there’s no denying that complaints about police brutality are all over the news at the moment.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California thinks its got the solution, however: a new Mobile Justice CA app, designed to help individuals track and record misconduct among law enforcement officers.

For use by all residents in Southern California, the free app works by recording video, much as you’d do with your standard iPhone Camera app. However, rather than the file being saved on your device, it’s automatically loading to an ACLU affiliate where it can be reviewed. This means that the footage is safeguarded against a phone or device being confiscated or damaged at the scene.

The app also sends out geotagged notifications to other Mobile Justice CA users, alerting them of situations taking place nearby. Finally, the app also features “Know Your Rights” primers, designed to help users understand their legal obligations and rights when dealing with law enforcement.

“By downloading and using the Mobile Justice CA app, you are giving yourself one more tool in the fight against government misconduct,” the ACLU website notes. “That can make all the difference in the world for would-be victims of police violence, and over time, can help our communities feel more empowered and safe.”

Source: ACLU