World’s first gold-plated Apple Watch looks just like a real Edition


This fake Apple Watch Edition looks like the real deal. Photo: The Time Preserve

Casey Neistat showed us a brilliant way to turn your cheapo Apple Watch into a luxurious gold Edition, but if you’d like to make your fake Edition look just like the real thing, you can now get it gold plated for a fraction of the cost of Katy Perry’s.

The Time Preserve watch restoration company promises to match the exact yellow and rose color tones of Jony Ive’s custom gold, thanks to custom-formulated gold electroplating. It’s not as cheap as a can of gold spray point, but for just $650, they’ll add a 5 to 6 micron-thick coat of gold to any Apple Watch with the Leather, Modern Buckle, or Sport band.

The company posted a picture of what it claims is the world’s first gold-plated Apple Watch on its Instagram page today:


Prices for Apple Watch gold-plating cost between $650 – $875, depending on which band you have. That price obviously doesn’t include the price of the actual Stainless Steel watch, which you have to provide. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t work on the Sport’s aluminum body, but if you want something even super flashy, they also have options for Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium, and Ruthenium.

  • Joseph Spacek

    Do you guys ever proofread your articles? A quick read through would point out multiple mistakes.

    • herbaled

      Since you’re pointing out mistake, you’re fair game here. Within the context as written, it should be read-through not “read through.”

      • It’s not a mistake. A read-through could be seen as a single verb, whereas one can also simply read through the article. Joseph doesn’t need to specify that he means ‘the article’ in order for it to be implicit within context.

        In other words, what he said wasn’t wrong. It may not have been how you’d phrase it, but that’s not a mistake.

        Also, ‘since you’re pointing out mistake’ should be ‘mistakes’ surely.

        You didn’t need to get your panties in a twist about him asking professionals to proofread their work. If you had simply swallowed your need to chastise him for it, nobody would be chastising you.

      • herbaled

        Looks like you’re the one with twisted panties. I’m just having some light fun. It’s commonly done on internet discussions, don’t you know.

        As to the grammar. Since his “read through” was actually used as a noun … not a verb … it is correct to hyphenate the two words. It’s not a judgment call, it’s called grammar.

        BTW, I have no problem with him calling supposed pro writers on poor writing, but as he did then he’s fair game when he does the same.

        Now take a chill pill and don’t take things so seriously … esp. when it’s not you who’s being spoken to.

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        You did exactly what he did. You can’t claim HE is fair game, but you are not. You made a mistake yourself. What a hypocritical little snot.

  • Jean Valjean

    Goodbye warranty

  • herbaled

    Why/how does the watch’s wrist ban matter?

    • Because some bands have metal clasps on them of various metal quantities, while others (like the leather loop) do not.

      • jaffa99

        The leather band for the 38mm edition iwatch is an extra $7000, but it does have about $150 worth of gold in the buckle. It’s just for eejits.

      • I’m not sure why you’re telling me this. The bloke asked why plating cost varied by band. I answered.

        I don’t really care what Apple charges, or whether anyone thinks it’s worthwhile.