Apple: ‘We do not accept fart apps on the Apple Watch’


Apple doesn't want fart apps on the Apple Watch. Who knew? Photo: Fart Watch
Apple doesn't want fart apps on the Apple Watch. Who knew? Photo: Fart Watch

Those of you who were hoping the Apple Watch would usher in a new era of flatulence apps, prepare to be disappointed: Apple has already rejected the first app that serves no purpose other than to allow people to make fart sounds from their wrist.

Back in March, we reported on Fart Watch, the first Apple Watch fart app. Like a glorified whoopee cushion, the idea was that you put your iPhone underneath someone’s seat cushion, then used your Apple Watch as a remote to let a fart rip by pushing a big blinking “Fart” button on your wrist.

“Sadly,” it appears that Fart Watch, and by extension other farting apps, are not welcome on the App Store. The developer of Fart Watch reached out to us to let us know that Apple had rejected his app, for the following reasons:

2.11 – Apps that duplicate Apps already in the App Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them, such as fart, burp, flashlight, and Kama Sutra Apps

8.1 – Apps must comply with all terms and conditions explained in the Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and Copyrights and the Apple Trademark List

2.11 Details

We noticed that your Apple Watch app is primarily a fart app. We do not accept fart apps on Apple Watch.

Not that the world needs another farting app, but it’s surprising to see Apple taking such a strong stance on the matter when there are so many fart apps on the iPhone. Then again, it’s hard to sell something like the Apple Watch as a luxe fashion accessory when celebrities like Pharrel and Beyoncé are using their Apple Watches to fart on command.

In the meantime, the developer of Fart Watch says he is already planning another Apple Watch business: WatchPops, a type of bling for your Apple Watch strap. You can sign up to be notified when it launches here.

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28 responses to “Apple: ‘We do not accept fart apps on the Apple Watch’”

  1. Andrea Faulds says:

    No surprise there. When the iPhone App Store first came out, Apple rejected a lot of “press button to play fart sound” apps. Seems Apple’s standards haven’t lowered in 8 years. Non-story.

    • MongooseBananaHat says:

      Yes, non-story. No surprise there. With games like “Iron Captain World Rescue ~ Justice Hero Skyrim Destiny” on the App Store, if Apple’s standards “haven’t lowered in 8 years” then it’s only because you can’t technically have a standard lower than “none.”

      • PMB01 says:

        You must be thinking of Google, who barely even curates their apps. Apple does in fact have much higher app standards than Google does.

      • Ben Nash says:

        You need a babysitter? I curate my own life.

      • PMB01 says:

        Come back when you have an intelligent response, troll.

      • B. Bending Rodriguez Sr. says:

        Nice ad-hominem and “flag”, PMB. Can’t discuss this with Ben, eh? How is being able to make your own decisions about what you purchase not intelligent?

      • PMB01 says:

        Try again, Ben. I don’t need multiple trolling accounts to prove my facts correct.

      • MongooseBananaHat says:

        If “Iron Captain World Rescue ~ Justice Hero Skyrim Destiny” wasn’t bad enough for you then Apple also has this gem on the App Store called, “Gangsta Auto Thief: Hijack Hustle in West-Coast City (Crazy Extreme Chasing Hip-Hop for Adults, Boys, & Kids 12+)” Jesus Christ, that is not the app store description, that’s the game’s actual name.

        Please explain to me Apple’s lofty “standards” that allow complete garbage like this that is nothing but a jumble of keywords and overly-obvious and blatant rip-off of copyrighted/trademarked work.

        A day in the life for App Store Quality Control:
        “Hey, we got a new game!”
        ~”What’s it called?”
        “Super Spiderman America Grand Theft Skyrim Mortal Kombat Forza Motorsport Legend of Super Zelda Bros. 9.”
        ~”What do you do?”
        “You have to collect all the coins and then use your coins to get upgrades so you can get more coins but you run out of coins really fast so luckily you can buy coins with IAP.”
        ~”Did they pay?”
        “Yep, upfront.”
        ~”Alright then. You know what to do.”
        “Submission approved.”

      • PMB01 says:

        I hope you enjoyed writing that comment cause it makes you look like an absolute retard. Try again, troll.

      • Andrea Faulds says:

        Apple aren’t perfect, and sometimes inconsistent, so things do slip through. But the bar’s certainly higher than Google’s, say, as PMB01 mentions.

      • Ben Nash says:

        Bar for what? Please, no one has identified the issue. Is it moral? Grotesque? Ugly? I don’t get it.

      • San Diego Dave says:

        You might not get it, but apparently Google does because they recently instituted a stricter review policy for the Google Play store, closer to Apple’s.

      • JeanLucLabarre says:

        You “don’t get it” because as a fandroid you have no concept of taste.

    • CompuFart says:

      Check out “The Fartomin”. That’s the real story. Apple won’t even accept novel apps that do not duplicate existing apps.

  2. Aannddyy says:

    A sad day

  3. AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-) says:

    But didn’t fart apps make the iPhone popular?


    Are there any apps that turn AppleWatch into a flashlight? How about one that says “I’m with stupid –>”? These are essential apps for every AppleWatch user.

  4. AKC322 says:

    Best news all day.

  5. puralien12 says:

    I would exclusively use this app all the time. *pffft*

  6. BertVisscher says:

    Even if this were the first of such apps being refused…exactly how is this news?

  7. David Salzberg says:

    A fart app on the watch which makes the sound on the phone would be awesome. Honey, here is my phone…Pfft….

  8. Ben Nash says:

    I seriously love Whoopee Cushion on my Moto 360. What snobs Apple is.

  9. jmush says:

    We can change this. Let’s start a campaign. #fartgate

  10. Corky says:

    With hard-core porn all over Safari and whoppie-cushions sold at toy stores all over the world. What is the big deal about a fart app?

  11. halfcack says:

    Why? It stinks already and serves no useful purpose with 5 million back orders.

    What difference does it make or positive statement which app is there or not. If it doesn’t have a phone I will not carry an extra piece of garbage around with me.

    I hardly ever carry my Jawbone Bluetooth ear wig I bought years ago.

  12. CompuFart says:

    This isn’t news. Their fart app is not even novel–it’s just like the others. If you want some real news, look at the development for The Fartomin. That guy got SCREWED by Apple. He actually bothered to make a novel fart app that DOES NOT duplicate other apps, and he still got rejected. Saved me the trouble of wasting my time with iOS. I made my own fart synthesizer for Android and never looked back. Sad, really.

    • JeanLucLabarre says:

      No, sad is fandroids trolling Apple news pages online.
      Sorry, but only an idiot would waste their life writing a fart app, much less whining about how fellow cretins got “screwed” by the OWNER OF THE PLATFORM.
      Actually, no, that’s not sad, that’s **freaking retarded**.

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