Amazon for your Apple Watch is here


Amazon for Apple Watch is here. Photo: Techcrunch
Amazon for Apple Watch is here. Photo: Techcrunch

Just in time for launch day, Amazon has released its official Apple Watch app on the iOS App Store.

We first reported that Amazon’s 1-Click Shopping was coming to the Apple Watch last month, when it was said that Amazon’s Apple Watch would, at least at first, act a lot like the Amazon App on Android Wear. On that app, users are able to search for items using voice commands, then either save them to their wishlist or check out through Amazon’s 1-Click system.

Now that Amazon for Apple Watch is officially here, it looks like early reports were accurate. Featurewise, the app is pretty barebones, offering little more over its Android counterpart than support for Apple’s handoff feature.

Of course, with not having access to actual Apple Watch apps to test their apps on ahead of time, a lot of version 1.0 Apple Watch apps have tended to err on the side of caution. That’s a good idea, since it minimizes the possibility of your app breaking on launch day, but I suspect that Amazon — like most other devs — will beef up their Apple Watch app offerings as time goes by.

If you want to try Amazon for Apple Watch, you can download it now on the iOS App Store for free.