Apple Watch is launching with over 3,000 apps


Soooo many Apple Watch apps. Photo: Cult of Mac
Soooo many Apple Watch apps. Photo: Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch App Store is now live and it’s packed with way more apps than we expected.

Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch yet, you can start exploring the new Apple Watch App Store in the companion iPhone app. The App Store began to roll out this morning, and Apple says it will include over 3,000 apps for users to install when orders deliver tomorrow.

Developers began rolling out support for the Apple Watch to their iPhone apps over the past few weeks, however, many didn’t mention the add features in their update notes. As of yesterday, WatchAware has cataloged 2248 approved Apple Watch apps, but an Apple spokes person told the Wall Street Journal more than 3,000 will be available by launch.

The top of the Apple Watch App Store features sections for Work, Creativity, Travel, Health & Fitness, Communication, and Family. There also sections for Healthy Living, Learning on the Go, Savvy Shopping, Weather and more. There’s also more quick fix games than expected, and plenty of news outlets ready to blast headlines to your wrist. You can start exploring now by opening the App Watch app that is now pre-installed on your iPhone.

  • Brian Voll

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong. But, there’s only a list of about 40 apps in there? And the app store looks nothing like the image in the article.

    • DoctorK

      Same experience here.

      • Monica Lexine

        Me, too. I rebooted my phone and now it’s showing up for me.

      • Mark Langston

        It’s funky but if you go to the normal App Store then search for “Apple Watch” it’ll provide a link to browse Apple Watch apps that actually takes you to the Apple Watch app (hope that wasn’t confusing).

        I’m sure they’ll fix this but for now this is the only way I’ve been able to get to see Watch apps.

    • Andy

      Apple is slowly rolling it out across their servers.

    • Angela Tyson

      Did you try opening the App Store through the apple watch app? It loads up like the image

      • Brian Voll
        This is what it looks like.

      • Mark Langston

        It’s weird but go to the normal App Store and search for “Apple Watch”. From there you’ll see a link to browse Apple Watch apps which will then take you into the Apple Watch app.

        What’s really strange is if you tap on the “App Store” link at the bottom it’ll take you back to that little list.

        Hopefully they fix this by/before tomorrow but at least there’s a way to get to it.

  • Mark Langston

    So the obvious question is how many apps are available for Android Wear and how many did it launch with? I doubt it’s 3,000 now and even if it is it didn’t launch with that many.

  • FootSoldier

    This ALONE makes the Apple watch, and IOS ecosystem worth it. This type of developer devotion, is something that Google, or Microsoft would kill for. Literally!

  • Mark Langston

    UPDATE: 8:45PM PDT

    Hopefully everyone else has noticed but I just opened up the Apple Watch app and noticed that “App Store” has been replaced by “Featured” and there’s now a search icon bringing the total number of buttons along the bottom to 4.

    Search feature is awesome as it will only bring up apps that have Watch companions. So exciting!! Just makes the wait that much more painful.