iPhone captures Downton Abbey cast’s awesome lightsaber battle


Indubitably. Capes are cool. Photo: Rob-James Collier
Indubitably. Capes are cool. Photo: Rob-James Collier

Rob-James Collier, who plays the evil butler on Downton Abbey, Thomas Barrow, is running the London marathon to raise money for a local Multiple Sclerosis charity.

While he might have been able to raise the goal amount of £10,000 on his own cache in the popular British period drama alone, he chose to film a few members of the cast on set playing with lightsabers.

How can you not want to watch Downton Wars?

Downton Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Valet is only the first in a planned series of these goofy yet strangely compelling short films; if Collier raises enough money for his charity run for the Chilterns Centre, he’ll release a second episode.

The joy of watching these predictably dramatic actors walk funny, wear capes, and discuss The Force calmly together is fantastic. Be sure to head over to Collier’s charity site and donate so we can see Episode 2.

Via: BoingBoing