Minecraft: Pocket Edition is going to hell

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is going to hell


The Nether is coming to Pocket Edition. Photo: Mojang

Although it was a little bit of a let-down when it launched on the iPhone and iPad, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has come a long way in the last four years.

As iOS devices have become more and more powerful, Mojang has added back in many of the features it had to strip from Minecraft to get it to run on the iPhone’s limited specs initially. Now one of the biggest missing features from Minecraft: Pocket Edition is in development: The Nether, Minecraft’s hell-like dimension.

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, the Nether is an alternate dimension only accessible by a portal filled with rare materials and demons called Ghasts. You can travel from one place in the Minecraft overworld to another through the Nether much, much faster than you could if you traveled overland, but the Nether is an extremely dangerous — and, if you like living dangerously, fun — place.

Now Minecraft: Pocket Edition developer Tommaso Checchi has given evidence that the Nether is coming to the iPhone and iPad version of the game, posting an image of the Nether, complete with Ghast, on his official Twitter account.

No timing has been announced for the update, but we should see it soon, and when we do, Pocket Edition will practically have caught up with Minecraft on the desktop. It’s about time!

Source: Touch Arcade