See Batman's armored batsuit in Batman v Superman trailer

See Batman’s armored batsuit in first Batman v Superman trailer


The Dark Knight gets headlights in the first trailer for Batman v. Superman. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures
The Dark Knight gets headlights in the first trailer for Batman v. Superman. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

If Batman’s going to take on Superman, he’s going to need some extra protection and firepower. The first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gives us our a glimpse of the armored batsuit — complete with glowing white eyes — the Dark Knight will don in the superhero smackdown flick.

I think we can safely assume Jony Ive isn’t designing products for Bruce Wayne. The armored batsuit looks anything but thin and light.

The trailer, rushed out Friday after a cellphone leak derailed Warner Bros. planned Monday release, is pretty grim (just like that first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman). There’s not much action and absolutely no hint of humor — it’s all about setting the stage for a rainy showdown between Batman and the Man of Steel.

How did things get this bad in Gotham or Metropolis or wherever the two DC Comics superheroes are squaring off?

The teaser trailer is long on soundbites of talking heads (and maybe Lex Luthor, who is played by Jesse Eisenberg) nattering on about Superman’s alien origins and godlike superpowers. Superman fans and soldiers shower Krypton’s son with adulation, but there’s also a giant Superman statue that’s been defaced with the words “False god.”

You’ll also see a bit of Batman brooding — including some top-of-a-skyscraper power-brooding — plus some explosions and glimpses of what must be the new bat-plane and Batmobile.

Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill reprises the role of Superman in this film, which is also directed by Zack Snyder.

This time around, Snyder is also prepping us for the planned pair of Justice League team-up movies devised as an answer to Marvel’s super-successful cinematic universe. Still, there’s no footage of Gal Godot as Wonder Woman or Jason Momoa as Aquaman or any other rumored DC superheroes in this first trailer.

The film supposedly pulls heavily from The Dark Knight Returns, the fantastic 1986 mini-series written by Frank Miller, in which an aging Batman takes on a weakened Superman in a bleak world that’s gone pretty much all the way to hell.

If you couldn’t keep yourself from watching the crappy leaked version, which was shaky and distorted and otherwise horrible, do yourself a favor and watch the official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer (embedded below).

It’s obviously much higher quality, and it will give you a much better feel for the sense of dread and disaster that Snyder is going for with this film. It’s a long way from the action-packed, smart-ass trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it’s powerful in its own way.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters in 2016. Think you can wait that long?