IBM supercomputer wants to freak out your taste buds


Photo: IBM
Photo: IBM

IBM first designed its artificial intelligence computer system, Watson, to dominate humans in Jeopardy. Now before the machine takes over the world, Watson is moving on to the finer things in life by releasing a new cookbook, Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson.

To bring some excitement and creativity into the kitchen, IBM teamed up with the Institute of Culinary Education to develop a new ‘cognitive cooking technology’ that utilizes unusual ingredient combinations to create dishes you’d never imagine.

When IBM first turned Watson’s power toward the kitchen it spit out its first recipe for a new type of Spanish Almond Crescent. Once Watson gives chefs a recipe they can then fine-tune it in collaboration with the machine to create a one of a kind dish.

More than 65 original recipes created by Watson are available in the new book which hit stores today. It’s also sprinkled with cooking tips from the pros at ICE, entertaining anecdotes on the various stages of IBM and ICE’s collaboration and ideas for home cooks to expand their repertoires or spice up current favorites.