Apple Watch Sport ships with a weird tri-sectioned band


Don't expect to get two bands with this. Photo: Apple
Don't expect to get two bands with this. Photo: Apple

Recently, Apple sparked a little bit of confusion when they announced that every Apple Watch Sport would contain two separate bands. People interpreted that to mean that it shipped with two complete bands: one for small and medium wrists, and one for large wrists. But the truth is more complicated. Bad news for swappers.

The confusion over the Apple Watch Sport band stems from the fact that Apple explains on its online stores that Sport Bands are available for both small and medium wrists, and medium and large wrists.

Apple also posted that two bands would be in the Apple Watch Sport box, so people naturally assumed that two bands = two bands: an S/M, and an M/L band that comes with Apple Watch Sport.

So popular was this assumption that a third-party website called Bandswapper was actually set up, specifically to allow people to swap their spare bands with each other (for another color, for example).

Sadly, this doesn’t look like it will be possible. Techcrunch reports:

You see, Apple Sport Watch models technically do come with two bands, but in practice, it’s not two full bands, but rather three pieces. There’s one piece that attaches to one end of the watch with the fastener, and then two additional bands (the side with the holes) that attach to the other side of the watch. These two bands come in two different lengths – a S/M size for smaller wrists and an M/L size for larger wrists.

In other words, you won’t have an entire extra band to swap.

Of course, Bandswapper might survive by being a way for people to swap the bands they’ve changed their minds about, but it’ll have to be a one for one exchange. There will be no spares that can be subbed instead.

Source: Techcrunch