You no longer need to jailbreak to get Popcorn Time on your iPhone


The Netflix of piracy is coming to iPhone. Photo: Popcorn Time
The Netflix of piracy is coming to iPhone. Photo: Popcorn Time

Sometimes described as “Netflix for pirates,” the video streaming service Popcorn Time is coming to iPhone. The standalone Popcorn Time iOS app will launch imminently — quite possibly as early as today — and will allow users to watch pirated TV shows and movies on the move.

While it won’t be allowed in the App Store for obvious reasons, a workaround means users can install the app without having to jailbreak their handsets first — although, for now, you’ll need to have access to a Windows computer.

Popcorn Time was launched in 2014. Although there has since been a Mac app that lets users stream torrents to their Macs and (if they happen to be a Windows user) their Apple TV, up until now there has been no iPhone or iPad app.

Given Apple’s stance on piracy it seems obvious the company will attempt to block the installer from working, but Popcorn Time’s devs sound confident.

“[There is] no doubt that this will be a long journey,” the creators told TorrentFreak, describing the process as “playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Apple.”

“But seeing [the team’s] work now and future updates for the installer they’re already working on, we’re sure they’re ready for any obstacle Apple will throw their way.”

A Mac version of the installer is apparently also in the works.

Source: TorrentFreak