Apple plans more power-efficient displays for next tablets, including iPad Pro


The iPad Pro could delay the iPad Air, cancel the iPad mini.
Is this another clue we're about to get a larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro? Photo: CURVED

Apple will apparently utilize oxide TFT displays for its next-generation iPad models, allowing the tablets to consume drastically less power.

In order to gain a bigger piece of the pie, manufacturer LG Display (aka the world’s largest LCD panel maker) is reportedly investing in the necessary P8-P9 production-line technology in its plants in Paju, South Korea, according to new reports coming out of Asia.

At present, LG Display can manufacture 9,000 oxide TFT sheets per month, although it wants to up this by 21,000 units to produce a total of 30,000 sheets each month. Long-term, look for this number to increase even further, as LG aims to produce an additional 20,000 sheets in Q2 next year.

Why the big numbers? According to an unnamed LG Display official cited by a report from ETNews, it is so the manufacturer can create “iPads with 12.9-inch [displays]” for Apple, offering another tantalizing piece of evidence that Apple is working on a larger iPad, most commonly referred to as an iPad Pro.

Apple will reportedly source its oxide TFT displays from a combination of LG Display, Sharp and (who else?) Samsung Display.

Source: ETNews

Via: GforGames