Facebook Messenger’s app store is here, and it sucks


Facebook Messenger's app platform is off to a pretty 'meh' start. Photo: Alex Heath/Cult of Mac
  • OhStopItYou!

    LOL you don’t know how to use it. It’s pretty sick. Give Ditty and ClipDis a try. The amount of programming that went behind it must have been insane. (or maybe it just works better on Android :p )

  • David Alexander Harrison

    Is this another iOS-only offering from Facebook at the moment (much like “Facebook Paper” that never spread beyond iOS in the US, despite being well-reviewed & so something they logically should’ve expanded to other platforms/countries)?

  • Robert Abba

    Ok the icons are a bit of a annoyance, I agree that they aren’t really needed, but I understand where Facebook is coming from…there are many people that are wasting data on loading a whole site for what…a gif that the does not app supported? This is Facebook basically saying: “Hey, get your backsides in gear devs, the 21st century of technology and development is beginning to picking up gear…and quickly, so get with the times!”. I also fail to see how this is a bad update. Everyone needs a bit of advertising…otherwise no one would get anywhere. I noticed in your article that you mentioned that you GIPHY has a send gif to Messenger…I want to point out that’s more than most apps let you do. Normally you’d have to copy n’ paste the link. As much as I agree with this icons needing less of the FB branding, I don’t agree with the rest of this post…however this is my opinion

  • Crabou Chacha

    “Not exactly mind-blowing app integration.”

    In fact, it is a technical limitation. iOS’s App Extensions launched in iOS 8.

    (And THANK GOD there is such limitation otherwise Facebook would in the end own iOS. Note @Apple : Slippery road my friend…)

    As a result, ANY iOS app that integrate with Messenger could also virtually intergrate with any other chat app. (As long as that chat app supports GIF, etc.)

    Facebook made it look like they invented the concept, but there are just using a very simple published api. As an exemple, you can log in ANY app using 1Password App Extension without having to actually quit that app. Same with editing a photo with EyeEm from ANY other photo app without quitting that app, etc.

  • PitchBlack

    Facebook is all about the bullsh*t when it comes to trying to monetize you.