12-year-old girl tries to poison mom for taking away iPhone


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iAddiction is real. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Separating kids from their iPhones and iPads can be a big struggle for most parents, but for one mom in Boulder Colorado, things got down right deadly after her daughter tried to poison her for taking away an iPhone.

Two charges of attempted first degree murder were eventually filed against the daughter, who mixed household bleach into her mom’s drinks trying to kill her.

Boulder County’s sheriff office detained the 12-year-old girl at a juvenile center after her mother noticed a bleach smell in her smoothie a few days earlier. Officers say the mom thought the daughter had just cleaned the glass and that there was a lingering bleach sent. Then she got sick.

A couple days later the mom noticed the bleach smell again, this time from a water carafe in her room.

“When she smelled the bleach in the carafe she confronted her daughter and her daughter told her that she was trying to kill her for taking her iPhone,” Commander Heidi Prentup told Fox 31.

The mother drank the entire bleach smoothie and was fortunate enough to recover without having to make a trip to the hospital. Her daughter is still being detained for her murder charges.

Via: Fox31