Yahoo Apple Watch app will blast you with news

How Yahoo plans to blast your Apple Watch with news


Will you read the news on Apple Watch? Photo: Apple

Developers are making a mad dash to finish their first Apple Watch apps before the wearable goes on sale in April. Yahoo is among those looking to make a big splash with must-have apps, and when it comes to bringing you the news, the company is hoping you’ll want it in bite-size chunks.

Yahoo’s Nick D’Aloisio sat down with Bloomberg today to talk about how digesting the news is going to change once you slap a tiny Apple Watch screen to your wrist. To bring long-form news to wearers, D’Aloisio says Yahoo Digest will focus on giving you the most salient pieces of a story, accompanied by little visual elements called atoms.

Watch Nick explain the news revolution Yahoo plans to unleash:

D’Aloisio claims Yahoo got a head start on development of its Apple Watch app after being approached by Apple to start working on something before the wearable was announced in September. However, later in the interview Nick admitted Yahoo had “no idea what the form factor or anything was prior to the announcement.”

It will be interesting to see how publishers approach the Apple Watch. It doesn’t include a web browser, so new monetization methods will have to be devised in place of web-based ads. Circa and Snapchat seem well-positioned for sending bite-size bits of info to your wrist, but can Yahoo nudge its way in? Tell us what you think about reading news on Apple Watch in the comments below.