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Details on New Apple Notebooks Begin to Emerge



People who claim to have seen production-ready versions of next-gen MacBooks and MacBook Pros in the US say new Apple notebooks will look more alike than ever before, according to a report in AppleInsider. While clear that its information should be viewed as rumor, the report cites sources with “a lengthy track record” and who have “been privy to early glimpses of some of [Apple’s] other hardware offerings.”

Both the new 13-inch MacBooks and 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros will share aluminum enclosures, with the new 13-inch MacBooks for the first time matching their higher-priced cousins as if they were members of the same product family, according to the report.

The sources say Apple has made changes to the notebooks’ I/O ports in an effort to reduce their overall footprint. In particular, the FireWire 400 port appears to have been removed from the new MacBook Pro, leaving a backwards compatible FireWire 800 port. In addition, the new MacBook Pro is reported to be missing the 28-pin DVI-I (Dual Link) port, which has been replaced with what appears to be a mini-DVI port like the one found on the existing 13-inch MacBook line and iMac line.

If true, these emerging details would indicate Cult of Mac’s Craig Grannell was not so wide of the mark in his recent piece on Apple’s notebook roadmap.

Expectations for a mid-October product announcement remain high.

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20 responses to “Details on New Apple Notebooks Begin to Emerge”

  1. ATMB says:

    Wow……… wonderful to know!!! :) I can’t wait.

  2. manda.j says:

    might be time to upgrade the iBook finally – now the choice of macbook vs macbook pro

  3. kpsnyder says:

    I love a reduced footprint and all, but dropping 1 of 2 FireWire ports and requiring me to use a dongle to use DVI is just ridiculous. I’m already using a 6 port FW 400 Hub and FW 800 Devices chained as far a the eye can see. Hopefully greater minds prevail and the “Pro” line retains some of its pro appeal with increased connectivity over the MacBook.

  4. imajoebob says:

    Here’s an idea, Apple: se your massive brains to create a Firewire 400 compatible port that can connect FW800 with an adapter. FW800 is still a dog in the marketplace due to cost and availability of devices. Why should I spend 2 grand and then have to use some annoying dongle – and switch it from device to device – to connect my external drives, video cameras, and even my old iPod photo?

    Steve – Making the change to FW800 is a good idea, but don’t make it harder to use my computer. Make this iteration FW400-friendly, and tell us the next version will favor FW800. Then add FW800 to iPhone and touch, because the next models with 64GB (and 128?) need the ‘800 speed to exploit the real power of the device.

  5. Sir Poopsalot says:

    Actually, AppleInsider says the sources LACK a lengthy track record.

  6. lonbud says:

    By now, AI has edited the original report and removed all reference to the “track record” or what the sources may have been privy to previously. At the time I wrote my post, the AI report was touting the reliability of the people from whom the information had been obtained.

    In any case, both I and AI took pains to make clear the information reported is rumor and not necessarily fact.

  7. Andrew says:

    i dont really care what they do with it
    just gegt rid of that god awful 8600M failing graphics card

  8. Justin Flood says:

    While this mockup is likely fake, I doubt it’s far off from what we should be expecting with the new MacBooks.

    One thing I’m also expecting? Look for Apple to drop the “Pro” name from the bigger laptops. Considering the only thing different between the two lines these days is mainly screen size and graphics capability, and the differences are likely to shrink with all of them going Aluminum, it’s only logical for them to all fall under the same family.

    Coming soon, the all new MacBook in 13″ 15″ and 17″. Don’t be surprised when it happens.

  9. Art V. says:

    As long as the macbooks have the correct colors on them, I’ll be happy.

  10. MKT says:

    i dont really care what they do with it
    just gegt rid of that god awful 8600M failing graphics card

    My $2000 MacBook Pro crashes every day because of the graphics card.