Apple Watch keynote is reimagined as a smooth pop music video


Cook has Apple's momentum rocketing along. Photo: Apple
Tim Cook wouldn't be the first Apple CEO to rock out to one of Jonathan Mann's Apple songs. Photo: Apple

One of the highlights of any Apple keynote is that it inevitably means another catchy jingle from YouTube songsmith and longtime Mac-fan, Jonathan Mann: a musician whose Apple-centric songs once made even Steve Jobs dance.

Frankly, it’s amazing that nothing short of amazing that Mann is able to create such entire songs, complete with music videos, so quickly after an Apple keynote is off the air, but somehow he does. Choosing a smooth jazz-synth sound and the vaguely-inappropriate title “It’s Not Just With You, It’s In You… I Mean On You,” Mann lovingly lampoons Apple’s “most personal device” with an earworm that, all things being equal, should tide you over until WWDC.

Check out the music video (and its lyrics) after the jump. You might even want to sing along…

“It’s not just with you
It’s on you
It’s not just with you
It’s in you, I mean on you

Kevin’s dog is ready to be picked up
He’s drawing a flower for his wife
Christy Turlington is running marathons for moms
Her Apple Watch with all day battery life

It’s not just with you
It’s on you
It’s not just with you
It’s in you, I mean on you

it’s not normal aluminum
No ordinary stainless steel
Watch the videos we produced
The look the finish the feel

Forged in the fire
Of the depths of Mt Doom
All bow down to Apple watch
The prettiest in the room

HBO Now is exclusive
Research Kit is saving lots of lives
Butterfly mechanism and that force touch
You can barely see the new macbook with your eyes

can you even see it?
I can’t even feel it!”

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