Poo emoji clothes are the latest in steaming-hot fashion


Betabrand latest piece of clothing featuring the Poo Emoji is this pocket dress. Photo: Betabrand
Betabrand latest piece of clothing featuring the Poo Emoji is this pocket dress. Photo: Betabrand

Betabrand designers don’t want to dress us in crap. But they will happily cover us in Poo emojis.

The San Francisco-based crowd-funded clothing company known for innovative blends of comfort, clever, cool and humor – consider the Photobomber hoodie or Shiny Silver disco leggings – seem to have piles of material with a poo emoji pattern.

First, Betabrand produced a Chuck Taylor-inspired high-top sneaker, then a men’s short-sleeve button-up shirt that left the company flush with orders. Now, a sleek pocket dress sprinkled with the bright-eyed, smiling coil of fun is available.

Poo Emoji shoes. Photo: Betabrand
Poo emoji shoes. Photo: Betabrand
Poo Emoji shirt. Photo: Betabrand
Poo emoji shirt. Photo: Betabrand

“Now, if you are a refined woman — a thoughtful, sophisticated woman — for whom form and function are like lovers inexorably intertwined in a sultry garden of orchids at dusk, then, by all means, we invite you to order this turd-covered dress,” so says the Poo Emoji dress page to entice women into making a bold fashion choice.

Poo Emoji dress. Photo: Betabrand
Poo Emoji dress. Photo: Betabrand

The high-tops sell for $88 and receiving crowd-funding support immediately in November. The men’s shirt, looking good tucked or untucked, was successfully funded last month and sells for $79.20.

The dress runs – no poo pun intended – $106.20. It is machine-washable, made of lightweight cotton and “fabulously festooned with li’l piles of joy.”

Betabrand launched in 2010. It produces fashion prototypes of pants, shirts, shoes, jackets, skirts and the like, and will mass-produce pieces that reach funding goals.

On the company’s website, a “Think Tank” header lists pieces currently being offered for crowd-funding, such as the Poo Emoji and a men’s shirt patterned, with another computer icon, the wi-fi symbol.

There is also a section of submitting ideas and designers will make a prototype on which people can vote to see if it moves on to the crowd-funding phase. Currently, you can vote on leggings with satellite imagery, a paisley t-bone steak shirt and a fun tie, with, yes, the poo emoji.