This is how much it costs to upgrade from Apple zero to Apple hero


You can join the cult -- for a price. Photo: Apple
You can join the cult -- for a price. Photo: Apple

Assume, for a moment, you’ve always been an Android guy but yesterday’s spintastic Apple Watch presentation sent you over the edge.

Now you’re a freshly minted Apple fanboy with money to burn, and you want to go from zero to full-on Apple hero. How much is it going to set you back if you’re ready to go all in with the latest, greatest gear Cupertino has to offer?

First, you’ll need a gorgeous new Retina MacBook, the high-end model with 512GB of flash storage and the faster 1.2GHz processor. That’ll cost you $1,599.

Then for the phone. You’ll need the bigger-than-big iPhone 6 Plus for all your phablet-size needs. You’ll want the 128GB model. And let’s assume you’re not quite ready for an upgrade from your new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so you’ll need it unlocked and contract-free. That’s another $949.

When it comes to an Apple Watch, nothing but the best will do. So you’ll be sliding an Apple Watch Edition onto your wrist. The most spendy model listed on Apple’s site is the 18-karate yellow gold Apple Watch Edition with a bright red modern buckle, which will set you back a cool $17,000.

You’ll also want a lighter-than-light iPad Air 2 (128GB, obviously), with Wi-Fi and cellular. That’ll run you $829.

And for good measure, add an Apple TV to replace your aging Roku. It’s a steal at the new low price of just $69.

The grand total to get decked out for exploring your new Apple-centric universe? You’ll pony up $20,446 to start swimming in the deep end of the Apple ecosystem.

That’s not including a desktop computer or any semi-mandatory accessories like a case to protect your precious new iPhone. The new USB-C port on the Retina MacBook will save you some dough, but don’t even think about all those micro USB cords you’ll have to swap out for Lightning cables to connect all your new Apple gear.

The good news, Mr. Moneybags? Shipping is free.