Apple Watch event wallpapers put Spring Forward invite on your Mac

‘Spring Forward’ wallpapers put Apple Watch invite on your Mac and iPhone



Apple’s invite for the Apple Watch event looks like it was designed on a spirograph, but it’s also quite lovely.

Some Apple fans have already whipped up high-res wallpapers of the invite to remind you all day every day that all the info about Jony Ive’s fabulous timepiece will be revealed on March 9th.  The wallpapers come in versions for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Grab yours below:


Original Graphic w/o Logo (2560×812)

Desktop with Logo (1920×1080)Desktop w/o Logo (1920×1080)


iPhone 6 Plus (2208×2008)iPhone 6 Plus w/o Logo (2208×2208)

iPhone 6 (852×1608)iPhone 6 w/o Logo (852×1608)

iPhone 5 (640×1136)iPhone 5 w/o Logo (640×1136)

iPhone 4 (640×960)iPhone 4 w/o Logo (640×960)


iPad Retina (2524×2524)iPad Retina w/o Logo (2524×2524)

iPad Non-Retina (1262×1262)iPad Non-Retina w/o Logo (1262×1262)