Strange slant effects with iPhone camera



The iPhone’s diddy little camera wins no photography awards, and rarely even a positive remark from fellow iPhone owners in the pub.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t come up with some interesting images when it tries hard. Or even when it doesn’t try hard at all, and just acts weird. We’ve seen iPhone cubism covered before, but how about iPhone slants?

Slanted by taiyofj.


iPhone can take a strange photo by kenic.


Llandudno beach by Fr Peter Weatherby.

All photos used with permission of their owners. Thanks to all.

18 responses to “Strange slant effects with iPhone camera”

  1. J says:

    I took some low-light, action shots this past weekend and the iPhone split the photo, where one half is shifted up about 100 pixels from the other half…interesting…

  2. foresmac says:

    That’s due to the iPhone camera’s rolling shutter. It takes a picture by scanning one line of pixels at a time. It’s the same thing that causes the Nikon D90’s weird video artifacts.

  3. Hypersky says:

    Nothing particular to the iPhone… most camera phones I’ve had did this when moving… Like foresmac above said, rolling shutter…

  4. Barbarossa says:

    The very same kind of artifact may be seen in a photo of the first (1911) Indy 500 winner. The car was moving too fast for the moving focal plane shutter and the entire car seems to be leaning forward relative to the grandstands.

    Obviously the iPhone needs a faster shutter or a faster something else.

  5. kc! Bradshaw says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

  6. Al says:

    I’m realy admiring Apple products but I have to confess since they one I had mixed feeling toward iphone.not that I dont like it,I believe in many respects it’s 10+ years ahead of other phones.but really when you buying a product like that it should at least have a decent camera.2MP camera is realy weak,considering other “phone” manufactureres are supplying 5 and even 8 mega pixel cams in their phones.
    some might argue this is a phone not a camera but realisticly you need at least 3mp on a phone camera to call it camera phone.
    I believe a camera in a phone is a very very important addition,everyone will need that in daily occasions when they just want to snap an event,so why just 2mp??iphons are way more expensive in UK (where I live) than US so this poor camera is a real let down when othet phone makers are doing‘s just sad for an Apple lover like me to be limited so much.

  7. T says:

    It’s not that the iPhone needs a faster shutter, its that the people holding them need to hold them steady..

  8. coljac says:

    So it’s not just me! Half my photos turn out weirdly slanted. I had one I took of marching Beefeaters in London that was hilarious. In any case, the iPhone camera leaves a lot to be desired.

  9. pvantees says:

    I took this picture on the beach of the island Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands. Now I know the world is not flat, but this is too much: