Learn to make hot wet rice with a $2,000 gadget on the funniest cooking show ever


The Katerings are ready for their close up. Photo: Lead Balloon TV
The Katerings are ready for their close up. Photo: Lead Balloon TV

If you’ve been longing for a cooking show with smart writing, attractive hosts and a ton of sexual innuendo, look no further than The Katering Show, where Aussies Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney smile for the camera while comparing too-expensive German multi-mixers to gangbangs.

“So, ‘What is a Thermomix?’ I hear anyone under the age of 33 ask,” says the perky McLennan. “It’s a blender, a microwave, an ice bucket and a set of kitchen scales. It’s a gangbang of kitchen appliances that’s created a futuristic robot saucepan. It’s the kind of appliance that your rich mother-in-law gives you as a wedding gift because she doesn’t think you can cook. Or something that you buy yourself because you’ve always wanted to join a cult, but you don’t have the energy for the group sex.”

Right? Now you need to watch the funniest cooking show I’ve ever seen, with the episode about making risotto (hot wet rice) in a gadget that looks like (and costs like) it might have come out of Jony Ive’s design shop.

The dialogue here is sharp, with the food-intolerant Kate McCartney hating to cook and just throwing a bunch of stuff into the ridiculously expensive Thermomix, while McLennan slaves over a stove, using her “skills” and “kitchen.”

Funny moments include a wine review where McCartney says the white wine (“goes well with white people, funerals”) tastes “like balls,” the cathartic joy McLennan finds in cutting onions, and when they both admit to hating risotto.

What would they do with the $2,000 that this crazy, high-end cooking gadget costs? McLennan would buy a bunch of puffy jackets and jump in front of a car, while McCartney thinks maybe paying for long-delayed dental work would make more sense.

Enjoy these two sharply drawn internet characters on their YouTube channel, and be prepared to laugh and love them in equal measure. Just don’t send in any letters about wanting to f*ck their faces. They’ll probably read it onscreen.