Here’s what Apple should do to fix Notification Center


Notification Center is surprisingly unintuitive for Apple. Photo: Apple


I have very few complaints about iOS 8, and based on casual conversations I’ve had with friends plus the high percentage of users who have upgraded to Apple’s latest mobile OS, I’d suggest the same thing is true across the board.

One part of iOS I use very rarely, however, is Notification Center, which aims to be a one-stop-shop for all the information you need to know, but instead looks like a strangely un-Apple mass of informational overload.

Apparently Stockholm-based MobileCreative designers Petter Andersson, Friðgeir Torfi Ásgeirsson and Jonas Jerlström feel the same way, because they’ve come up with a concept video showing a new possible notification interface for iOS. And you know what? I kind of love it.

The solution is very reminiscent of Google’s current index card-based UI for Google+ and Google Now. It’s a great way of compressing a lot of information into a relatively compact space, but without resorting to the ugly list-style design seen in the Notification Center. It also opens up the possibility of engaging more with individual apps or services, rather than just being presented with limited amounts of information.

I know there are some Cult of Mac readers who don’t like concept designs, but like patents which never become products, I think they offer an interesting glimpse at a future device or piece of software we may never get to use — but which could be pretty great if implemented correctly.

Do you use Notification Center currently? Drop your thoughts in the comments box below.

Source: MobileCreative

  • Thomas Milligan

    I think this looks fantastic, much better than the current implementation!! Come on Apple, get it sorted!!

  • marcintosh

    Just the basic idea of listing the apps with the number of notifications would be a huge improvement. I have three apps showing notifications in my NC right now, but they take up three screens because they don’t collapse/expand.

  • Madde


  • Kevin Kuo

    The notification centre is defiantly one of the worst design aspects of iOS. No actionable notification and no way to dismiss a single notification. This is defiantly an improvement.

  • cleesmith

    Just allowing me to set a default expiration date so I see only notifications from the past day or two would be a HUGE help.

  • Ian

    I’d like to see sorting like this. My notification center is so clogged and its such an eyesore. Cleaning it up and integrating app usage with it would be perfect.